Welcome to the Kawaii Ambassador Club! As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn commissions by referring customers through unique affiliate links and coupon codes provided to you. Below, you’ll find quick FAQs and guides to jumpstart your journey. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the section following the FAQs.

How to Apply?

To join our Kawaii Ambassador Club, kindly complete the application form at the bottom of this page. Please indicate the source of your traffic referrals (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, blogs) and provide a link to your respective account. Our team will assess your application within one business day.

  1. Join our kawaii community –  Gain access to exclusive coupon codes and affiliate links to share with your followers!
  2. Unlock limitless earning potential – Earn commissions based on the traffic you generate!
  3. Spread kawaii culture – Craft captivating, kawaii-themed videos featuring our products that your followers will adore!
Commission Rates

We offer a 20% referral fee for every product sold via your affiliate link or associated with your coupon code. For instance, if a customer makes a $100 purchase on our website using your coupon code or clicking through your affiliate link, you’ll receive a $20 credit to your account.

How much can I earn?

Explore the potential earnings available to you as an affiliate below:

Customers per day102030
Average cost per order$50$50$50
Daily Commission10 x $50 x 20% = $10020 x $50 x 20% = $20030 x $50 x 20% = $300
Monthly Commission$3000$6000$9000
Payout Schedule

For instance, if a customer buys $100 worth of products using your coupon code on January 15th, you’ll receive a $20 commission. This amount will be credited to your available balance around the first business day of March, a 30-day period from the purchase date. Any commissions earned within 30 days, including this one, will be paid to your PayPal account around the first business day of March, and subsequently around every first business day of the month.

Transaction Fees

Please note that PayPal might apply a fee for receiving USD into your PayPal account, generally ranging from 2-3% based on your location and market. These fees are imposed by PayPal for processing transactions and cannot be covered by us. For further details, please refer to the payout section on PayPal’s website here.


Please be aware that we reserve the right to adjust your commission earnings in the event of returns, refunds, or order cancellations. Following a 30-day period, your commissions will be finalized and ready for payout around the first business day of each month to your PayPal account.

Affiliate Links

Customers who make a purchase within 30 days of being directed to our website through your affiliate link will be attributed to you. This indicates that the cookie period associated with your affiliate link is 30 days. There is no time constraint on the coupon code, and any purchase made using your coupon code will be credited directly to you. You can monitor the number of visits and referrals generated through your affiliate links to our website in your affiliate dashboard.

If a customer visits our website via your affiliate link on January 1st and makes a purchase, the purchase will be attributed to your affiliate account the first business day of February since it falls within the 30-day timeframe.

FAQ: Terms & Conditions

•  We pay you for paying customers you send to us so long as we are able to track them; we use very clever software to do that.
•  We will transfer your commission earnings to your PayPal email, accrued from referrals through your affiliate links or coupons. Payments will be processed around the first business day of the month, 30 days after the purchase. Please be advised that PayPal may levy charges for sending/receiving payments based on your location/market, and these charges will be your responsibility.
• Adjustments to your commissions and earnings may occur if a customer requests an order refund, adjustment, cancellation, or return, which they don’t do very often.
•  No spamming – Nobody appreciates spam, and neither do we! Please exercise consideration when distributing your affiliate links or coupons; limit sharing to one at a time (e.g., one link and one coupon per YouTube video). Unfortunately, we may have to close your affiliate account, and we really, really don’t want to do that.
• If you intend to run paid advertising campaigns, please read the full version of the terms & conditions section 3 below carefully, as there are restrictions & you’ll need to get our permission first.
• Please don’t set up websites or forward domains which include ‘cutenarwhal’ or anything similar.
•  We’re not exclusive partners; feel free to date others.
•  You may have only ONE Partner account.
•  Please respect our trademarks, as lawyers cost a fortune.
• We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions, participation criteria, and commission rates or discontinue the affiliate program at any time, without prior notice, at our sole discretion.
•  We retain the authority to dismiss any affiliate from our program at any time and for any cause.
• We transfer payments directly to the PayPal email address you provided. Please ensure you provide an accurate email address, as it is your responsibility. We will not be held liable for unclaimed funds or payments sent to an incorrect recipient. Kindly verify that your PayPal email is valid and accurate.
•  We retain the authority to alter our payment method if there are any complications with PayPal payouts.

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